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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Introverts

As we probably all know, introverted people tend to avoid large noisy crowds and enjoy spending time alone or with close friends, to relax and recharge. Sometimes with us introverts, it’s the simple things that matter. A quiet evening alone with a few close friends or even complete solitude feels like a balm to our weary souls. Any activity that doesn’t involve lots of people, especially people that are strangers. It’s all about recharging our batteries.  I wanted to make a simple guide for anyone wanting to do something nice for an introvert in their life.  Here are a few tips and some gift ideas for introverts!

gift ideas for introverts

Don’t worry about making grand gestures or spending tons of money on the introvert in your life. Personally, as an introverted woman, I enjoy making meaningful connections with the ones I love. A lot of the time that means face to face time with someone that is invested in spending time with me. Meaning, don’t get distracted by your phone or other things. Make them the priority in that moment.

Sometimes being an introvert means you don’t get out much. While its true that we don’t always like being around crowds of people or doing stressful activities, we still enjoy getting out of the house and out of our comfort zone a little. There’s something about nature that is calming. Keep in mind that you will most likely get bonus points if your plans involve animals. Also water tends to be very calming, so being around lakes, the ocean, waterfalls, streams, etc. will be bonus points for you. Of course there are always people that won’t appreciate water or animals but this is a general guide.


  • Go for a walk. The more nature and the less people around the better
  • Go on a picnic in a quiet area, bonus points for being by a lake with ducks or geese
  • Have a night in and cook their favorite foods together
  • Lay on a blanket while stargazing. (I have never done this but I want to!)
  • Go hiking/bike riding/horse riding/swimming/fishing or any outdoor activity of their choice
  • Go to a museum or bookstore
  • Play a board game preferably, or video games 

You can always offer to complete an activity for them that stresses them out, such as:

  • Offer to go to the grocery store for them
  • Babysit for them
  • Give them one free out for an event they don’t want to go to of their choosing

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If you actually want to buy them something along with giving them the gift of your time, you can give any of these simple gifts or get bonus points for putting all the appropriate items in a gift basket. The fact that you went out of your way to buy all these little things for them, making sure to get something you know they like, will be impressive to them. Introverts will realize the effort you went through to buy all these things separately and put them into one cohesive gift.

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  • Headphones/earbuds (I own these, they sound great and come in several colors)
  • Their favorite cocoa/tea/coffee/warm drink (One of my favorite things for relaxing)
  • Favorite snacks
  • New music (a gift card for iTunes or Amazon, or subscription to a music streaming service)
  • A new book (or Amazon gift card for buying Kindle books)
  • Cut flowers in a vase, or a small plant (my absolute favorites are succulents!)
  • Soft, comfy blanket (Like this one)
  • Bath bomb/bubble bath) (I would love to try these)
  • Face mask
  • For men: Bath and Body Works is a good place to find things like scented body wash, aftershave, shaving cream, etc. My husband and I both like the scent Suede.

When it’s all said and done, however, sometimes one of the best gifts you can give an introvert is just to understand them. Try to have respect for the fact that they may do things differently than you. If they want to dip out of events early, or they plain just don’t want to go, don’t give them grief. Understand that if they choose to not spend time with you all the time, it’s not a personal insult. Sometimes we have to spend some precious time to ourselves before we can fully appreciate the company of our loved ones.

If you have any ideas to add, please share in the comments!

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