13 secret santa gifts under $25

13 Secret Santa Gifts under $25

Secret Santa is one of those games that can be really fun when you give and receive neat, useful items. It can be frustrating, however, when you know nothing about the person you’re buying for and the person that’s buying for you knows nothing about you.

If you don’t know much about the game, it’s pretty simple. Everyone plays it a little differently. Often the game is played with a group of people you work with or otherwise spend a lot of time with. Everyone puts their name in a box, hopefully with a little information about what type of things they like. Everyone then draws a name from the box but doesn’t tell anyone what name they picked. People either give one big gift or give several smaller gifts, one a day for a week. At the end, people try to guess who their gift giver was.

Whether you love or hate it, I think it will be a little more fun if you’re confident that the gift you’re buying someone will be appreciated. I put together a list of useful and interesting items that I believe will be helpful to you this Christmas season.  You may even find a few things you would like to buy for yourself or for stocking stuffers! These items are all highly rated and the links go directly to Amazon. I will update listing and prices as needed.

13 secret santa gifts under $25
13 secret santa gifts under $25

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post
contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a
small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). 

For the people that can’t stop talking about their dogs and how wonderful they are:

Underwater Dogs ($12 for book, $36 for calendar version)
This book will make a great coffee table book for dog lovers. Has over 80 portraits of dogs swimming underwater. It doesn’t get much cuter than that! You can pay a little more to get the calendar version of this book.

Porcelain Dachshund Letter Organizer: For storing notes, letters, etc. There’s also a spot on the back to put a pen for his little tail! This would be really cute and useful for someone’s desk at work or at home. ($10)

For the people that are always on their computer or phone:

Lizimandu Non Slip Mouse Pad: This mouse pad is cute, ergonomic and comes in 27 different colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect one to match their personality. ($13)

Anker PowerCore 5000: This compact external charger is small and holds enough power to charge your phone at least once or twice, depending on what phone you have. These are very handy to have with you in your bag to charge your phone when you can’t find an outlet. ($20)

For Artsy Types:

I would love to try these myself! I couldn’t choose just one of these books as they both looked awesome. Make sure to get the brush pen as well!

Modern Calligraphy: A Beginners Guide to Pointed Pen and Brush Pen Lettering ($25)

Hand Lettering for Relaxation: An Inspirational Book for Creating Beautiful Lettered Art. This is great for anyone wanting to learn how to draw pretty designs in their bullet journal or bible journal! ($15)
(Update 9-14-18: I liked this one so much I bought it for myself and I love it.)

Tombow Brush Pen: For Calligraphy and Art Drawings. ($5)

Gift for the foodie or the person always in the kitchen:

Funny Dish Towel: A decorative dish towel for the cook with a sense of humor. ($12)

Personalized Beech Hard Wood Spoon and\or Spatula: Free custom engraving with message of your choice. ($15-$26)

Because men are so dang hard to buy for:

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit: For the car enthusiast and clean freak. ($13)

LED Mini 3 Mode Flashlight: Bright, tough and compact with 3 modes-high, low and strobe. We love ours and keep it at our bedside. ($12)

The incessant coffee drinker:

Gilmore Girl Coffee Mug: Who drinks more coffee than the Gilmore Girls? ($15)

Yeti 14oz Insulated Mug with Lid: I love this too much! For your hot or cold drinks. ($25)

I hope this list inspired you in your search for the perfect gift! Let me know if you have any ideas for me to put on next years list! I would love your input.

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