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    4 Fun Things to do on a long Car Ride for Adults

    4 fun things to do on a long car ride for adults

    Long road trips can be the worst–or the best, depending on your environment, destination and conversational partners.  Hopefully you’re in the car with someone you enjoy spending time with, but if not…you’re definitely going to be looking for something to do to pass your time. I’ve taken a few of those trips myself lately, and have discovered a few things to do on a long car ride to keep my husband and I entertained and make the hours and miles fly by.  Podcasts Podcasts are probably my favorite way to make time fly by in the car. My husband and…

  • 13 secret santa gifts under $25

    13 Secret Santa Gifts under $25

    Secret Santa is one of those games that can be really fun when you give and receive neat, useful items. It can be frustrating, however, when you know nothing about the person you’re buying for and the person that’s buying…

  • Jobs for Introverts. Woman sitting at desk at laptop.

    Jobs for Introverts: How to Choose a Career

    Some of us quieter, more introverted types don’t always have it easy in a world seemingly built for extroverts. This makes finding jobs for introverts that are fulfilling and also pay the bills a not so easy thing to do.…

  • Gift ideas for introverts
    Gifts,  Introverts

    Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Introverts

    As we probably all know, introverted people tend to avoid large noisy crowds and enjoy spending time alone or with close friends, to relax and recharge. Sometimes with us introverts, it’s the simple things that matter. A quiet evening alone…